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To America
From S. Stefano
My Family

Welcome to the Mangeruca genealogical research page

My Grandfather's birth certificate has 3 different spellings for the surname on it.
Mangiaruca, Mangeruca and Mangiaruga

and as I have been going through the records for Africo and S. Stefano D'Aspromonte, Reggio Calabria, Italy
I have found all 3 spellings on different certificates plus Mangeruga, Mangiaruva, Mangeruva, Mangieruca and a few other spellings.
Sometimes the spelling will be different from father to son.

The spellings of the surnames are as they appear on the
Birth or Marriage certificates I have seen.

I am dedicating my work on this site to the memory of
my grandparents :
Francesco Mangeruca and Rosa Marotta Mangeruca
and to my father
H. Carmelo Mangiaruca

to see the Mangeruca family tree

or to see my personal line

to see the Birth Records I extracted with our surname 
from Santo Stefano D'Aspromonte (RC)
1820 to 1865

Mangeruca, Mangiaruca, Mangiaruga, and Mangeruga That Came To America

Home Page of Leonardo Mangeruca 

Alternate spellings of the surname are:
Mangiaruca, Mangeruca, Mangiaruga, Mangeruga, Mangeruce, Mangerucca, Mangeruja, Mangiaruco, Mangialuca, Manjaruka and probably more.
Currently most of the family I have located in Italy, France and Australia
use the spelling Mangeruca.

I want to extend a special thank you to my cousins
Giuseppe and Pietro Maviglia for the special help they gave
me in my research.
And to all my cousins in Australia and Italy.

Mangeruca surname:

The family name of Mangeruca was first recorded in Italy in the early fifteenth centrury. First recorded in Rome, Italy, according to "Rietstap's Armorial General & Dictionary of Names", the name could only have derived from Scandanavian (Danish) origin. During the period 400-500 a.d., these Nordic warriors, mostly from Schleswig, made plundering raids (described as "Migratory Invasions' by more charitable historians than Rietstap) on most countries of the then-known world. consequently their influence on the origins of names in both Europe and to a slightly lesser degreee in Britain, was considerable and widespread.

The armorial bearings to Mangeruca were granted in L'Auila in the sixteenth century. The name held Civic Status in France in the 17th century.



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